Love the English Rose Lacey bedding. Cozy, soothing and welcoming for rest.

Love the English Rose Lacey bedding. Cozy, soothing and welcoming for rest.

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The most primitive experiences of shame are connected with sight and being seen, but it has been interestingly suggested that guilt is rooted in hearing, the sound in oneself of the voice of judgment; it is the moral sentiment of the word. There are further differences in the experience of the two reactions. Gabriele Taylor has well said that “shame is the emotion of self-protection,” and in the experience of shame, one’s whole being seems diminished or lessened. In my experience of shame, the other sees all of me and all through me, even if the occasion of shame is on my surface—for instance, in my appearance; and the expression of shame, in general, as well as in the particular form of it that is embarrassment, is not just the desire to hide, or to hide my face, but the desire to disappear, not to be there. It is not even the wish, as people say, to sink through the floor, but rather the wish that the space occupied by me should be instantaneously empty. With guilt it is not like this. I am more dominated by the thought that even if I disappeared, it would come with me.

Middle of Summer, warmed by the sun, baby birds and blueberries!

My oh my how time has gone. The past half year has been consumed with cleaning up an old building and moving my sewing room in. I have opened up a darling little sewing/design studio in our small town with much excitement. So much time has gone into revamping the old building and it has been quite a trip. It finally feels like home and so inviting. The word is slowly getting out and soon, I hope to have an official open house as people have been curious about my commercial sewing machines and what it is I actually do. I can hardly wait to get my systems in place so I can get back to focusing on sewing! my true love!

Today is perfect with the sun warming us to the perfect temp - not too hot or humid, just perfect. I have a little birdhouse I had help making and I am having little sparrows going to take flight in the next or so. I always love watching them getting ready to leave the nest, then lining up on the wires outside my window and enjoying my butterfly tree. It has been a busy tree with woodpeckers, a noisy baby blue jay, a lovely hummingbird that loves to sit in the tree, preening itself. My roses couldn’t be more beautiful and prolific in their new place this year. Life is good.

My focus is now dressing dollies, girls, windows and beds! How much fun is this? Soon I will have a Facebook page to direct to my etsy stores and my local design studio so all can come see what I have to offer. A fun place and so very inspiring.

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Enjoy the day! Love much, laugh often and dream big!

Guest House Poem by Rumi

“This being human is a guest house. Every morning is a new arrival. A joy, a depression, a meanness, some momentary awareness comes as an unexpected visitor…Welcome and entertain them all. Treat each guest honorably. The dark thought, the shame, the malice, meet them at the door laughing, and invite them in. Be grateful for whoever comes, because each has been sent as a guide from beyond.”

I am learning to welcome each of these guests into my home and have found by doing so, they do not stay as long, rather speak their truth then leave. It seems a much smoother way of living and with lack of resistance to each of them, the transition to light comes too.

What a wonderful positive reminder of how abundant we are and how capable of change we have been, and now are. Be encouraged.

Darling Lacey 2T Knit Jumper Dress

imageI just love this darling little dress I made for a two year old. I took a really large t-shirt, cut off the bottom for the skirt then made rows and rows of ruffles for the bodice and armholes. I added heavy lace for the apron and detailed it with a satin rose with funky leaves and soft cream satin ribbon. This can be worn over a shirt or just as is. Come check it out at my store -